Homeowners Insurance

With something as important as your home, even small gaps in coverage can present big areas of concern for homeowners. Maybe it’s a detached garage or storage shed. Maybe it’s high-dollar valuables that are kept inside the home. Go through your property and policy details with The James Agency of Hattiesburg, MS and have peace of mind knowing that every corner of your home, inside and out, is covered by a personalized homeowner’s policy.Exterior of Insured Home

That said, not every option is about gaps in coverage. We offer proactive programs that make it a little easier to get to normal after a covered loss occurs. There are dozens of different ways our agents at The James Agency can customize a policy for individual homeowners and properties throughout Mississippi.

The James Agency will also explore ways to make coverage more affordable. Every policy starts with competitive rates, but between multi-policy, protective device and a number of personal status discounts, most homeowners qualify for at least one policy discount. We will also search for newly qualified discounts for immediate assistance as well as any ongoing help homeowners may need to complete a claim. Call 601-268-2242 today to get started!