Motorcycle, ATV, RV, Boat Insurance

Vehicles that we drive for fun – or for a combination of business and recreation – shouldn’t come with insurance costs that lessen their pleasure. But that is exactly what is happening with premiums offered by many insurers today. At The James Agency in Hattiesburg, MS, we utilize our extensive experience and network of connections in all fields of insurance to bring you the coverage you need for your vehicle of enjoyment at a fantastic price.Motorcycles Driving Down Road

When bundled properly, we will be able to have you driving your bike, boat, ATV, or RV at a cost that is barely a bump in the road! With the often extravagant costs of vehicles themselves, coupled with fluctuating fuel prices that always seem to spike at the worst possible times, the last thing you need is an expensive insurance premium on top of all the other expenses.

Give The James Agency a call at 601-268-2242, or stop by when you’re out on your bike for a leisurely ride! We’ll provide you a quote that will offer savings that you can put in your gas tank so you can keep riding on!